We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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Global Technology Systems are experts in solids measurements and industry leader in Microwave Technology used in BULK SOLIDS flow, level and moisture measurement.





FlowJam Plus

The ProGap is a microwave pont level switch that consists of a transmitter and receiver. It is easy to install and program. It is typically used for High and low Alarms or for positioning items. The level switch can be installed in bunkers, ducts, silos, chutes or any free-falling stretch. Since it uses the latest microwave technology, the system can penetrate plastic, fiberglass and other non-metalic material as an option for mounting,
The FlowJam Plus is a logical development of the established FlowJam sensor which has proved its worth in thousands of applications. In addition to the rapid detection of material movement (Flow/NoFlow), the FlowJam Plus also provides an
additional "Detection of blockage" or "Material flow interruption" function. It can therefore also provide additional information when it it detects a NoFlow
condition as to whether the line is full or empty. The system operates without contact using microwaves
with the material movement being detected using the Doppler effect.
The Dusty was specifically developed to reliably monitor leaks and broken bags after the clean side of dust collection systems. It can be used in metal channels where dust particles are to be detected in flowing gas. The Dusty uses the triboelectric effect. As soon as particles flow past or impact the measuring probe, a charge transfer takes place and triggers a relay switch.
MaxxFlow HTC
The MaxxFlow HTC was developed for the flow measurement of dry bulk solids without any moving parts. It does not require straight runs and can be mounted vertically or on an angle. 12 inch in length and designed to replace more expensive and large mechanical devices such as impact flow meters or weigh feeders. Recommened for installation after a rotary feeder, screw auger, air slide or chain/belt conveyor.
The DensFlow is a measuring system especially developed for measuring the flow rate of conveyed solids in dense phase. DenFlow is used for on-line measuring of all types of powder or granulates; pneumatically dense phase conveyed materials; after mechanical conveying systems like chutes, slides or downpipes with large flow rates.
ClampFlow is a measurement system specifically designed for flow rate measurement and control of solids conveyed in flexible hose lines. There are two premises regarding the flexible hose lines made out of non-conducting material like plastics and their outer diameter is at most 0.78" (20 mm). A homogeneous, high frequency electromagnetic field is coupled in the flexible hose and solids within this measuring field absorb the energy of the alternating field.
SolidFlow 2.0
M-Sens 2
The SolidFlow 2.0 has been specifically developed for measuring solids mass flow conveyed through pipelines. The latest generation of microwave-based measuring systems for measuring the flow of solids. SolidFlow 2.0 provides a sensor with an extremely fast microprocessor which enables X100 more samples per second.
M-Sens 2 is specifically designed for continuous moisture measurement of solids. The M-Sens is used for on-line moisure measurement of all types of dust, powder, granulates and other bulk solids in different mounting positions. Simple installation & calibration and resistance to mechanical shocks / abrasion allows for long life in service.
WAirSafe is a new measuring instrument which can monitor the dust concentration in ambient air, for example in process areas, silo areas, boiler houses or work stations. AirSafe monitors concentrations on the basis of pre-set limit values. AirSafe can be used as early detection for dust which could endager the workplace..
The APM 3DLevelScanner is the only device presently available
that delivers accurate measurement of bulk solids and powders regardless of the type of material or product characteristics, type and size of storage silo, bin or container, and harshness of the
storage environment. It incorporates APM’s unique dust-penetrating technology to achieve an unrivaled degree of process measurement and inventory control.