We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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Magnetrolís level and flow controls transform industrial process measurement. Conventional and electronic-based instruments make measurement more intelligent, more reliable and far more simplified to set-up and operate than ever possible. Magnetrolís product portfolio of ten different technologies has evolved as a result of meeting measurement challenge for over 75 years. Magnetol is guided by commitment to the principles of product innovation, continuous operational improvements, and a level of customer service that leads the industry.


Thermatel TD1/TD2 Thermatel TA2 Mass Flow Magnetic Level Gauges
The Magnetrol Thermatel Thermal thermal dispersion flow / level / interface switch provide a new level of performance and reliability not found in previous switches. The TD1 and TD2 switches unilize Magnetrolís proven dispersion technology. The sensor consists of two RTD elements. One is the reference and the second is heated to a temperature above process temperature. Continuous diagnostics, narrow hysteresis and fast response time.
Magnetrol Thermatel Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter provides reliable mass measurement for air and gas flow applications. The powerful, yet east-to-use electronics are contained in a compact explosion proof enclosure. The Thermatel is available with both insertion probes as well as flow body design for smaller pipe sizes. The Thermatel offers excellent performance at an exceptional value.
Orion’s Altlas, Gemini and Aurora Magnetic Liquid Level Indicators are precision engineered and manufactured to indicate liquid level accurately, reliably & continuously. These devices are totally sealed chambers, that require no periodic maintenance and eliminate vapour or liquid emission problems common with sight and gage glasses. Complete range of level switches and level transmitters are available with the MLI offering.

R82 Economical Radar Level Echotel 355 Ultrasonic Level Eclipse Guided Wave Radar
The model R82 is an economical, loop-powered radar level transmitter bringing radar to everyday applications. The electronics are housed in a compact, single compartment cast aluminum or Lexan housing. The model R82 Pulse Burst Radar emits short bursts of 26 GHz energy. Pulse burst technology and advanced signal processing manage common disturbances such as false echoes caused by obstructions and multi-path reflections.
The Magnetrol Echotel model 355 two-wire, loop powered, non-contact ultrasonic level transmitter measures liquid level, volume and open channel flow with unsurpassed performance and ease of operation. Intelligent electronics analyzes the ultrasonic echo profile, applies temperature compensation, rejects false target echoes, and then processes the true echo from the liquid surface.
The Enhanced Eclipse Model 705 is a 24 VDC loop-powered level transmitter based upon the revolutionary Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology. This single transmitter can be used with all probe types and offers enhanced reliability, as demonstrated by a Safe Failure Fraction of 91%, allowing it to be used in SIL 3 loops. The innovative, patented enclosure is a first in the industry orienting both wiring and electronics compartments in the same plane; and, angled to maximize ease of wiring, configuration and data display.
Eclipse supports the FDT/DTM standard and a PACTware™ PC software package allows for additional configuration and troubleshooting flexibility.

Pulsar Radar Level RF Capacitance Level Vibrating Rod Level Switch
The Magnetrol Pulsar Radar Level transmitter is the latest generation of loop-powered, 24 VDC level transmitters. Pulsar has lower power consumption, faster response time and is easier to use than most loop-powered radar transmitters. The Pulsar Radar transmitter is based on a pulse burst radar technology together with equivalent time sampling circuitry. Short bursts of 5.8 or 6.3 GHz microwave energy are emitted and subsequently reflected from the liquid level surface.
The Kotron RF Capacitance Level multi-function transmitter provides installation flexibility of a 2,500 feet maximum remote distance. The unit has capability for dual inputs; level/volume; level/flow; integrated keypad on front panel maintaining a NEMA 4X rating; 4 to 20 mA DC output; 16-character alphanumeric display; continuous diagnostics check; and four (4) 10-amp SPDT relays output.

Magnetrol’s Solitel Vibrating Rod Level Switches provide reliable level detection of powders and bulk solids. This compact, integral switch is suitable for high or low level detection in hoppers or silos. It may also be used for plugged chute detection. The single-piece probe and unique self-clean cycle avoid problems of build-up. Sensitivity adjustment ranging from heavy granular materials to light powders.

Float Switch
Ultrasonic Gap Switch Jupiter Magnetostrictive Float & Displacer Switches
The Magnetrol Echotel ultrasonic level switches meet increasing demands for compliance with safety systems and overfill protection to mandate more reliable point level measurement. The Echotel provides advanced transducer designs, extensive hazardous location approvals, and a new self-test technology.
The Jupiter Magnetostrictive level transmitter provides a 4-20 mA output, proportional to the level being measured. Jupiter models are designed to attach quickly and easily, via standard clamps, to Orion’s Atlas and Gemini magnetic level indicators or can be directly inserted into a wide variety of process vessels. switches.
The Magnetrol float type liquid level switches are simple and reliable. Models are available for any type open or closed vessel, with either threaded or flanged type mounting, and actuating depths. Options include NACE, ATEX approved housing, housing heater, float guide cage, tropivalized switch mechanism, special flange face finishes, submersible housing, and elevated temperature rating.