We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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The NCT-2 is the cost effective answer to speed indication requirements. This system provides the analog signals necessary for process control, indication, or recording purposes. For increased speed of response at low pulse rates, the signal is updated with each pulse. To produce a signal acceptable to the probe, minimum velocity of the target block can be as low as 2 feet per minute.
This system uses two motion sensing probes for monitoring long conveyors, variable speed conveyors, clutches and belt type bucket elevators. Use of the DSD-3 on belts even longer than five miles in length, this system is the proper choice for protecting costly investments. With the DSD-3 operators have under speed, slip and spin protection in a single, economical electronic unit.
Want to control grinding mill feed, Automatically? The MillMinder Audio Signal Converter listens to the sound levels generated by the impact inside the grinding mill and provides the operator with an output signal that allows automatic material feed control to the mill. By utilization of more suitable sound sensors, excellent grinding process control is achieved.
The Watt Transducer is a device that converts AC voltage and current input signals into an analog DC output. The output from the watt transducer represents a measure of the true power consumed by the load. This is the solid state equivalent of the two wattmeter method of measurement of three-phase power. The output is either a current or voltage signal that is proportional to the true RMS power consumed by the load.