We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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GP:50 is an ISO9001 certified designer and manufacturer of a broad range of industrial grade MELT PRESSURE Instrumentation for melted process materials, plastics and polymer extrusion processing applications.

GP:50 Melt Pressure strives to manufacture high-reliability industrial grade MELT PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE sensing instrumentation. Upholding 100% commitment to quality and value remains synonymous with the GP:50 brand.



V-Series Standard Accuracy Melt Pressure Transducer
E-Series Combination Pressure & Temperature
GPR Melt Pressure Indicator/Controller

A signature performance attribute of GP:50 Melt Pressure sensing instrumentation is its capability to maintain full service life performance accuracy. To ensure this, each transducer design incorporates a specialty tip diaphragm with a proprietary advanced matched system. This ensures that individual sensor components maintain structural integrity and maximum response. In addition, each GP:50 Melt Pressure sensor is manufactured from only the highest grade specialty metals. This approach ensures consistent sensor mechanical functionality with increased cycles. It also eliminates the unwanted effects of shortterm
hysteresis that are common to other industry models.

The E-Series melt pressure transducers are designed for general melt pressure measurement, offering typical installation and reliability. It is the value choice acceptable by OEMs and users around the globe. The GP:50 E-Series transducers incorporate industry standard 3.33 mV/V electrical output compatible with melt pressure indicators. Integrated thermocouple is available for melt temperature. The GP:50 E-series include a ? - 20 UNF thread for installation in standard mounting holes and offer a range of electrical connections for most applications.

The GPR700/770 Melt Pressure Indicator/Controller is 1/4 DIN and provides universal & strain gauge inputs; three fast-acting alarms; high visibility three colour LED display; analog retransmission; easy, effective auto-tune and an optional secondary input for differential pressure/temperature display or control.

Nozzle Fully Welded Pressure Transducer
FX/FY Flanged Mount Low Pressure Transducer

Rupture Disks (Burst Plugs) Melt Plugs (Solid Plugs)

The Nozzle pressure transducer provides fully welded stainless steel construction; high quality, reliable electronics; vibration protection; and improved diaphragm for increased cycles and repeatable accuracy. Available with pressure measuring ranges from 0 to 500 psig through 0 to 30,000 psig.
The FX/FY provides rigid stem versions of GP:50s plastic melt pressure transducers. Standard length is 3.65 inches, although they may be ordered in longer or shorter lengths to accommodate
individual needs. The limiting minimums may be the die temperature and environment which must jointly combine to restrict the electronics and sensor from exceeding 180F.
RDEB and MP30 rupture disk and melt plug is mounted directly into the extruder equipment through a
pressure port or mechanical connection, where critical pressures occur. Utilizing reliable rupture discs (also known as burst plugs/extruder barrels) provides protection for extrusion machinery and ensures operator safety.
Extrusion Melt Pressure Gauges
T1 Precision Accuracy Melt Temperature Sensor
Melt Pressure Accessories

The Extrusion Melt Pressure Gauges features No Electrical Power Requirement; All Stainless Steel Construction; Large 4" Display can be rotated 300 Deg for easy reading; and Totally Maintenance Free.

The model T1 from GP:50 Melt Pressure is a precision accuracy melt temperature sensor, capable of supporting high-temperature measurements up to +750 Deg F. Units feature an advanced ceramic insulated sleeve for high resistance to thermal extremes.

The Hole Machining Tool Kit contains all the necessary drills and taps to prepare transducer mounting. Made of premium grade, high strength too steel. Melt Sensor Torque Wrench is for the recommended torque of melt pressure transducers and temp sensors, eliminating the possibility of side force trauma to the transducer tip diaphragm area.