We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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The SMARTREK MONITORING is taylored for deployment of WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK from basic to the most challenging locations, and is designed with smooth end-user experience in mind. The SMARTREK system is built on Smartrek's proprietary cooperative wireless mesh technology. Multiple field sensors are connected to the system via one-step installation procedure. Data can be accessed using the provided Android App, or remotely from the WEB2.0 App if the system is configured to send information to the Cloud.


PRGRW-FLO sensor is a low cost wireless monitoring node add-on that can connect to any flowmeter that can provide a passive pulse output with signal conditioning. It is compatible with virtually any type of flowmeters and measures both flow and total volume. The flowmeter node operates on batteries and can be combined with a battery-operated flowmeter for a complete wireless solution.
PRMAP-LVL is a high performance ultrasonic precision RangeFinder with a measuring range from 50 mm to 10,000 mm. The sensor is weather resistant and can measure in cold environments with the self-cleaning option to remove condensation buildup on the sensing head. RangeFinder offers up to 1 mm resolution, a narrow beam pattern, noise rejection, automatic calibration and temperature compensation.
PRGEN-PMS is a highly accurate pressure sensor for measurement in gas meadia. Various versions are available, gauge, absolute, compound or vacuum measurements. Total error band of less than 1.0% over the compensated pressure range. Pressure range from -15 to 150 psig.
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SMARTREK MONITORING SYSTEM can be used in various applications, from water management to agriculture monitoring. In a matter of minutes you can embark into the revelution and ease the burden of data collection, detect and prevent failures, improve management efficiency as well as increase productivity. Modular; Low Cost; User-Freindly and Ready To Use.
PRMAP-GAT network master gateway is your main starting point when purchasing a SMARTREK system. The gateway aks as the brain of the network. It will control all parameters such as data polling rate. It also sends your data when connected on Bluetooth to your Android device.
PRGEN-REP repeater / netwok extender does not take any measurements. It repeats the signal to other nodes in the neywork. The repeater is used to bridge two network sections together or to strengthen weak network points by adding some signal redundancy at bottlenecks.

SMARTREK MONITORING SYSTEM provides a turnkey monitoring system with both an Android App and a Web App to manage / control your system.

  • Native Android App / Web App
  • Analytical tools such as charts / history
  • Real-time readings and data-logging
  • Sound / Speech / e-mail / SMS alarms
  • Intarat network messaging
  • Equipment control
  • Custom automation