We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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HBM is a global market leader in weighing technology, and test and measurement. Our state-of-the-art, innovative products set standards for precision throughout the world. That is why so many of our customers associate HBM with “measurement with confidence”.




BLC Load Cells
- Small dimensions
- Max capacities: 550 kg .... 1.76 t
- Stainless steel
- Meets EMC standards (EN 45 501)
- Comply to OIML R60 regulations
- Protection class IP 67

RSCA Load Cells
- Load cell with strain gauge
- Nominal Capacity: 50 kg ... 5 t
- Stainless steel
- Legal for trade verification
- Meets EMC / ESD requirements
- Explosion proof versions

RTM Weigh Module
– Low profile
– Hermetically sealed
– Stainless steel construction
– Overload and overlift protection
– Protection class IP65
– Integral lateral stops
– Rocker pin load introduction