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Hydroflow is the solution provider for commercial & industrial water treatment requirements. We have decades of worldwide experience in limescale management, improving water clarity and bio-fouling control. Our wealth of experience covers a wide range of applications. This includes limescale protection for commercial offices and the hotel sector, various benefits for swimming pools and the leisure industry, cooling towers of all sizes, food processing, agricultural and manufacturing industries. We also cover more specialized applications such as mining, water transport and power stations.


I Range Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

S Range High Pressure Steam Boiler

C Range Chemical & Petro-chemical Plants
Hydroflow Industrial I Range is designed for challenging applications in industrial environments providing a range of water treatment benefits, including limescale protection, flocculation biofouling control and for saving water usage. In addition to being much more powerful than the standard commercial units, the Industrial range is fully enclosed to IP68 standards, and is designed for ease of connection to the power supply and business
management systems.
Hydroflow Commercial S Range is specifically designed to protect the industrial high-pressure steam boiler system. Installing Hydroflow protects against limescale build-up and removes the existing limescale too. The Hydroflow S Range is used for steam boilers in food processing, garment industry, commercial laundries and land fill sites. This unit is fully encapsulated.
Hydroflow Industrial C Range is designed and manufactured to treat the consequenses of limescale. This specialist range is designed for industry producing in hazardous environments like chemical plants and petro-chemical processes.

Wastewater Treatment Plants and Water Recovery Facilities

In Wastewater Treatment Plants and Water Recovery Facilities  HydroFLOW’ Systems are  used  in the  Dewatering Systems.  Presses and Centrifuges benefit from the  Elimination of Struvite Buildup, and  a  reduction in Polymer usage up to 30%.  Struvite elimination and removal can be achieved in other  WWTP processes as well.

Benefits of using HydroFLOW water care technology.....

- Prevents limescale build-up.

- Removes existing limescale.

- Improves water clarity.

- Easy to install and retro-fit.

- Very low running costs.

- Chemical Free, green technology.