We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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Krohne Level measurement Transmitters, switches, indicators and accessories installed in a wide range of process level measurements. Continuous level and interface measurement or point level detection, along with contact or non-contact measurement of liquids, pastes, granulates, powders, solids, bulk goods etc are available.Applied in standard or demanding applications with advanced requirements, hazardous areas and Functional Safety (SIL).





OPTIWAVE 6500C - 80 GHz

OPTIWAVE 6400C- 24 GHz OPTIWAVE 7400C- 24 GHz
OPTIWAVE 6500 is a 2-wire 80 GHz radar (FMCW) level transmitter for demanding applications with powders in very dusty atmospheres. Its small beam angle is particularly suited for continuous, non-contact level measurement in high and narrow silos, hoppers and buffer storage containers up to 100 m / 328 ft. Specific algorithms and the high signal dynamics of the FMCW radar is ideal for low-reflective media, dust, uneven surfaces or silos with internal obstructions. Flush-mounted PEEK and PTFE Lens antennas with no intrusion into the tank.
OPTIWAVE 6400 is a 2-wire 24 GHz radar (FMCW) level transmitter for basic applications with solids. Designed for continuous, non-contact level measurement of stones, plastic granulates, coffee beans and other products in solids processing. A Metallic Horn antenna as well as PP and PTFE Drop antennas. The Drop antenna design minimises scaling and is unaffected by the angle of repose. Hence no need for expensive antenna aiming kits or purging systems.
OPTIWAVE 7400 is a 24 GHz non-contact radar (FMCW) level meter for agitated and corrosive LIQUIDS in harsh process conditions in High Temperature / High Pressure conditions up to +200 Deg C (392 Deg F) at 100 barg (1450 psig). Corrosive or toxic media, condensation or agitated tanks. Small beam angle with purging, heating, cooling and quick coupling system options available.
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OPTIWAVE 7500C- 80 GHz OPTIWAVE 5400C- 24 GHz OPTIWAVE 3500C- 80 GHz
OPTIWAVE 7500C is a 80 GHz non-contact Radar (FMCW) Level Meter for LIQUIDS in NARROW TANKS with internal obstructions up to +150 Deg C (+302 Deg F) / 40 barg (580 psig). Flush mount lens antenna with small dead zone and beam angle and option for purging system.
OPTIWAVE 5400C is a 24 GHz for liquids in basic process applications is a non-contact Radar (FMCW) Level Meter of LIQUIDS in processes up to +130 Deg C (+266 Deg F) / 16 barg (232 psig) with small beam angle. Purging system and an extensive choice of process connections options are available.
OPTIWAVE 3500C is a 80 GHz non-contact Radar (FMCW) Level Meter of LIQUIDS with hygenic requirements in processes up to +150 Deg C (+302 Deg F) / 25 barg (362.6 psig) with flush-mounted PEEK lens antenna (no tank intrusion), small dead zone and beam angle. Hygenic process connections and approvals.



OPTIWAVE 1010 - 6 GHz OPTIWAVE 1400- 24 GHz OPTIWAVE 5200C/F - 10 GHz
OPTIWAVE 1010 is a 2-wire 6 GHz radar (FMCW) designed for continuous level measurement of clean liquids. It is welded to a bypass chamber or magnetic level indicator (MLI). This radar is a cost-effective solution for simple applications in industries like the chemical, power, water and wastewater industry. The dual process seal system permits the removal of the converter under process conditions.

The OPTIWAVE 1400 is a 2-wire 24 GHz radar (FMCW) level transmitter for liquids in Water and Wastewater applications. It is equally suited for continuous, non-contact level measurement of water from springs, rivers, lakes or the sea as well as rainwater, wastewater, sludge or other liquids in storage applications.

OptiWave 5200 is a 10 GHz non-contact radar level meter for liquids in storage that uses FMCW technology with its PP or PTFE antenna / horn options for the measurement of corrosive products. Modular design: Optional local display with an integrated 4-button keypad for remote mounting upto 300 feet; Quick coupling system permits removal of the housing under process conditions; Measuring range up to 30 m.


OPTIFLEX 1100 is a 2-wire TDR level meter designed for basic storage applications in non-hazardous areas. It's simple, compact design allows service technicians to quickly assemble the probe and attach it to a threaded connection. Excellent alternative to traditional level controls such as RF Capacitance, conductive & DP transmitters.

OPTIFLEX 7200 with it's large choice of probe types and materials, this level transmitter is the high-end guided radar level for measurement of level and interface in the chemical or oil and gas industries. Suitable for storage or process tanks up to 60 m / 197 ft, containing all kinds of liquids from hydrocarbons like slop oil or benzene to solvents and acids, colling water or condensate.

OPTIFLEX 2200 is the modular TDR solution with housing and large variety of probes to ensure suitability for a variety of mounting positions and applications. Designed for liquids and solids in midrange applications in the chemical industry as well as oil and gas, energy, water and wastewater, mining or pulp & paper.Dynamic Parasite Rejection): the software to dynamically eliminate false reflections caused by environmental disturbances and product build-up. Measuring range up to 40 m / 130 ft

OPTIFLEX 3200 is designed for the measurement of level and interface in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry. Insensitive to steam, foam or condensate and suitable for a large variety of liquids with hygenic requirements. The wetted parts have a gap-free hygenic design that ensures simple and reliable cleanability (CIP/SIP).
OPTIFLEX 6200 is designed for the level measurement of solids in bulk storage and other silos up to a height of 40 m. The single rod or single cable probes withstand high traction loads, making the level transmitter suitable for use in a wide range of applications with solids of varying grain size from fly ash, cement, gypsum, plastic granulates, tobacco and starch. The OPTIFLEX 6200 is equally suitable for applications on milk, chocolate & coffee.
OPTIFLEX 8200 is designed for level and interface measurement under extreme conditions in the power, oil and gas industries. Using an algorithm called "Dynamic Gas-Phse Compensation (GDC)", the device measures accurately and without increasing blocking distance in processes where the composition of the gas above the product can change suddenly (in steam boilers).
KROHNE - OptiSwitch Vibrating Fork & OptiSound
OptiSswitch 3000 Vibration Level Switches for solids. Highly robust tuning fork are insensitive to build-up and set-up without filling. Cement or aggregates are placed in interim storage in multiple chamber silos. When the chambers are filled, large quantities of dust are generated. Depending on the consistency of the aggregate, different material cones are formed and the product properties can change from filling to filling.

OPTISWITCH 4000/5000 series is a level sensor that uses a vibrating fork for detecting level for liquids. It is designed for use in all liquids. It is not affected by foam and external vibration. It is also unaffected by variations of product properties such as viscosity, etc. Operates up to 250°C / 480°F and 925 psi; Pump dry-run detection; High reliability due to permanent fault monitoring function.

This multifunctional system can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from simple indication of level as well as open channel flow rate and totalization to more demanding two channel inputs such as differential level and submerged flow. The OPTISOUND-VU31 continuous ultrasonic level system features a full, 7-digit, Back-Lit, LCD, display. The large display can be viewed easily from a distance or when process lighting conditions are dim.
KROHNE - Magnetic Level Inducators & Bypass Chambers
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BM26A-1000 / 3000 / 6000 / 7000 MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATORS BM26A-5000 BYPASS CHAMBER OPTISWITCH 6500/6600

BM 26 BASIC/ADVANCED MLI has an optimal strength-to-weight ratio and combines robustness and flexibility with a long-proven technology, thus providing excellent value for money. It is easy to install and needs little or no maintenance.The BM 26 series is made of stainless steel. Its bicolour indicator flaps are housed in a 100 % hermetically-sealed, durable glass tube. The BM 26 is suitable for use with highly corrosive, toxic or flammable liquids.

BM26A-5000 is a bypass chamber for level transmitters. Ideal solution for level measurement in difficult turbulence and foam. The bypass chamber ensures best installation conditions for reliable and accurate readings using different types of level transmitters such as guided wave, FMCW radars or displacers mounted on top of the bypass chamber which is installed adjacent to an open or pressurized tank and connected to it by two pipes.

The remarkably small size of the OPTISWITCH 6500 and 6600 is a perfect fit for hygienic applications and any environments that call
for minimally invasive sensors. From high or low level alarms for liquids or solids, to dry-run protection and liquid-liquid interface detection, these sensors cover a lot of diverse applications. Even media with changed
characteristics such as in a fermentation process present no
challenge to these switches. Neither do sticky, crystallising media or environments with strong vibrations.