We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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Pulsar is the leader in ultrasonic level technology!  We specialize in liquid and solid level, pump control, sludge blanket interface and open channel flow in all industries.  We have evolved in the Digital World with our superior ultrasonic transducers that are immune to electrical noise and have a 3 degree effective beam angle (almost like a laser).  Our algorithms will lock on to the true echo for maintenance-free reliability and automatically map out the false echoes created from ladders, pipes, and other obstructions.  We offer 30 day trials on all products - performance guaranteed!


Flow Pulse

The FLOW PULSE.is a unique, non-invasive clamp-on flow monitor. Easily installed and simple to set-up. FLOW PULSE uses an acoustic tecnique, never before seen in flow measurement to deliver reliable results across a range of pipe materials and sizes. FLOW PULSE operates as a stand-alone device and optionally, can also interface directly with FLOW MONITOR. The flow monitor has an LCD display of flow rate and flow velocity (selectable), flow pulse output providing two (2) programmed output relays.

Flow Monitor is a dedicated wall mounted device for Flow Pulse and can only be used with the Flow Pulse unit. It expands the capability of Flow Pulse, providing two relays that can be programmed as alarm or control for flow or velocity. Either relay can be programmed as a totaliser. Flow Monitor also provides a mA output and on-board logging, including a daily total. Typical capacity is 36 days flow logging at 1 minute intervals. Flow Monitor has a LCD display showing flow rate and flow velocity (selectable), and is menu-programmable via a set of function keys.


This HandHeld portable unit from Pulsar is designed for use with the FlowPulse pipe flow sensor, providing portable pipe flow monitoring and offering a toolset that allows programming of the non-contacting pipe flow sensor, monitoring, and data acquisition. The HandHeld controller connects to the pre-installed FlowPulse sensor or can operate as a self-contained kit, giving instant feedback on pipe flow via its color screen. The FlowPulse HandHeld controller is available as a stand-alone unit to use with existing FlowPulse sensors or can be purchased as a complete kit with a convenient carry case. The portable non-contacting, clamp-on, pipe flow monitoring system allows the operator to view traces and recorded data files - as well as loading and saving parameter files.