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Ultrasonic flowmeters for process and utility applications, energy and custody transfer (CT) measurements. Krohne offers a comprehensive portfolio of ultrasonic flowmeters for the measurement of gases, liquids and steam, providing high temperature and cryogenic versions and variants for high pressure & higher viscosities. Various designs are available including clamp-on devices to multipath inline flowmeters.





OPTISONIC 3400 flowmeter is an unique, 3-beam, inline, ultrasonic flowmeter, designed especially for measuring homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids, with high accuracy and reproducibility. OPTISONIC 3400 features advanced diagnostics. This provides extensive self-checking of internal circuits and information regarding the health of the measuring sensor with vital information about the process and process conditions. HART , Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA and Modbus. OPTISONIC 3400 features the measurement of velocity of sound per acoustic path providing information about pollution in the liquid, or changes in the process conditions.


OPTISONIC 3400 District Heating flowmeter is an unique, 3-path flow meter for thermal energy measurement and heated water. It is dedicated to flow measurement in district heating networks, commercial and industrial heat metering applications as well as energy and utility applications in combined heat and electicity generation. The flowmeter is certified as meeting the requirements of OIML R75 and MID. Can be used as part of heat metering systems in combination with a temperature sensor and a heat calculator.

The OPTISONIC 7300 offers an ultrasonic measurement system dedicated for process gas flow applications. The OPTISONIC 7300 does not have the limitations that are usually associated with traditional gas flow meters like periodical recalibrations, maintenance, pressure loss and a limited flow range. The OPTISONIC 7300 combines the advantages of ultrasonic measurement in a way that it is efficient, reliable and easy to use. Wide flow range; Independent of gas density and composition to a large extend; No maintenance; No recalibration; Integrated volume correction to standard conditions using P, T measurement; No moving parts, no pressure loss.

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OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas offers an ultrasonic measurement solution for biogas and landfill gas. Biogas, generated from bio feed stocks by fermentation, mainly contains methane and CO2 in a variable composition. It contains also small amounts of other gasses like H2S, Nitrogen and hydrocarbons or can be saturated with water.OPTISONIC 7300 is specially designed to measure biogas and landfill gas and can measure this with high CO2 content, saturated with water or with free condensation water present. The flowmeter provides additional functions like calculation of standard volume, methane content measurement and diagnostics features.

ALTOSONIC V is established as the standard in multibeam (Five Beam) custody transfer flowmetering. The absence of obstructions or moving parts in the pipe, ensures no wear or pressure loss. Larger meter sizes permits simplified configuration of metering systems. No periodic calibration required, drastically cutting cost for on-site equipment and procedures. Custody transfer accuracy and repeatibility; Excellent long-term stability and high reliability; Multi product; Wide viscosity range, from LPG to heavy crudes;; Compliant with OIML R117 and API; No K-factor shift; No incidents of unscheduled interruption of operation since the introduction.

ALTOSONIC V12 enables it to generate diagnostic data for places where traditional ultrasonic meters gathered too little information or none at all: firstly at the pipe wall itself, scanning with reflection. Secondly, in close proximity to the pipe wall, using the geometrical arrangement of the outer chords. Thirdly, at the bottom of the pipe. This data is gathered using a separate diagnostic chord. This extremely extensive diagnostic data allows the ALTOSONIC V12 to carry out self-monitoring, which sets the standard for other devices in terms of performance monitoring.


OPTISONIC 6300 flow measurement can be done anywhere and start-up is immediate. OPTISONIC 6300 clamp-on flowmeter for liquids with its robust industrial construction and regreasing concept provides a revolutionary solution for easy handling. It can be fitted on the outside of piping to measure the flow rate of liquids. The clamp-on flowmeter is a combination of one up to two OPTISONIC 6000 clamp-on sensor(s) and UFC 300 ultrasonic signal converter. The overall functionality of the clamp-on flowmeter is the continuous measurement of actual volume flow, mass flow, flow speed and velocity of sound, gain.

OPTISONIC 6300 P is a portable, battery-powered ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter for temporary flow measurement of (non-)conductive liquids. It can be used at virtually any location and without process interruption or need to cut pipes. Due to its flexibility, the meter is equally suited for comparative measurements on stationary measuring equipment (e.g. pumps, flowmeters etc.) or for use as a short-term replacement of faulty devices. As standard the clamp-on flowmeter is also provided with a measurement option for thermal energy applications.Combination of one or two clamp-on sensors and one handheld electronic signal converter. The robust clamp-on rail can be easily attached to almost any pipe up to DN1500 / 160".


UALTOSONIC III is a 3-path ultrasonic flow meter for light crude oils and refinded products. Offers decisive advantage over conventional, mechanical flow meters in custody transfer metering applications. Operators gain from maintenance-free operation and simlified meter run configuration (smaller pump capacity and no filters required). This results in considerable cost savings in both capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX).

OPTISONIC 4400 HT ultrasonic liquid flowmeter for high temperature (HT) liquids. 2-path ultrasonic flow meter for crudes, a broad range of refined products and other liquides that are processed at high temperatures. It is also highly suitable for flow measurement of molten salt or synthetic heat transfer oil with high and rapidly changing temperatures. Up to +600 Deg C with max. flange size of 40 inches.

OPTISONIC 4400 HP ultrasonic liquid flowmeter for liquids that are processed under extreme conditions with high operating pressure up to 490 bar / 7,107 psig. This makes the flow meter the perfect choice for accurate flow measurement of condensate and high pressure feed water or spray water at power plants and well water injection for upstream oil production.


OPTISONIC 8300 provides an
optimal solution for the measurment of steam. OPTISONIC 8300 provides a large measurement range and does not require recalibration, the installation can be simplified and cost reduced. With temperature and pressure inputs, the GFC 300 converter will calculate mass flow and enthalpy display in addition to volumetric flow. This omits the need for an additional flow computer.