We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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HAWK develops and manufactures level measurement equipment based on different technologies such as, Acustic Wave, Microwave and Ultrasonic.Established in Melbourne, Australia 1988, HAWK is now the global market leader in innovative level measurement, positioning and flow solutions. HAWK has won several prestigious awardsfor its breakthrough technologies.






Gladiator Gen 3 Microwave Switch / Transmitter G1 Microwave Switch Gladiator Acoustic Switch
GLADIATOR GEN 3 is a high power circular polarized Microwave pulse is emitted from the Sending unit to the Receiving unit in a transmission chain of approximately 100 pulses per second. If the path between the Sender and Receiver is blocked by any object or material which absorbs or reflects microwave energy the Receiving unit will no longer detect the complete transmission chain and indicate via Relay or 4-20mA output the change for automatic indication and process control requirements.
G1 is a high power circular polarized Microwave pulse is emitted from the Sending unit to the Receiving unit in a transmission chain of approx. 100 pulses per second. If the path between the Sender and Receiver is blocked by any object or material which absorbs or reflects microwave energy the Receiving unit will no longer detect the complete transmission chain and indicate via Relay for automatic indication and process control requirements.
GLADIATOR ACOUSTIC Switch uses Acoustic Wave technology in a new Sender/Receiver form for blocked chute detection and anti collision for heavy machinery. The Gladiator Amplifier powers two AW Transducers using special Hawk developed software where both units pulse and receive each others Acoustic echoes. When the path between the Transducers is blocked, the units immediately detect the presence or absence change of the return signal and triggesr a relay for indication or control purposes. Transducers work both together and independently to detect pulse interference giving twice the application security.
Rotonivo Rotary Paddle Level Switches Vibranivo Vibration Level Limit Switch RFnivo Capacitance Level Limit Switch

Rotonivo® rotary paddle switch is used as a full, demand or empty detector in storage silos or process vessels and is suitable for use in almost all solids.It's simple electromechanical measuring principle it can also be adapted for extrem process conditions. A motor driven shaft causes the vane to rotate. Once the material level reaches the vane, thereby preventing further rotation, this creates a torque, which is converted via a switch to an electric signal. Once the vane is free again of the material, the output signal is reset and the motor driven shaft rotates again. This reliable and maintenance-free limit switch for safe level detection in bulk solids has international approvals for use in gas and dust hazardous areas and is also certified to SIL 2.

Vibranivo® - vibrating fork, with its robust stainless steel extension and high sensitivity. Used in storage silos and process vessels. Robust, easy to operate and can be precisely configured for each application. Electronically stimulated piezos cause the fork to vibrate. As soon as the sensor is covered with material, the vibration is dampened and the resulting electrical current change causes the output signal to switch. Once the material level falls below the sensor, it is free to vibrate again and the output signal is reset. International approvals for use in hazardous locations (gas and dust).

RF3100 Standard Version Full, Demand, Empty Indicator.Shaft is selectable as Rod version (verticaly, horizontaly and oblique installation) and Cable version (vertical installation).Both versions are available as remote versions with remote electronics housings available (for example, for use in applications/processes with heavy vibration)



Gladiator Admittance Level Limit Switch OptiLaser Infrared Sensor Non-Contact Level Doppler Microwave Solids Flow Measurement
Admittance Level Switch forms one plate of a capacitance circuit, with the vessel wall making the second plate. The dielectric constant of the product between the probe and the vessel wall will cause a change of capacitance as the level approaches the probe. The change is detected, amplified and used to switch a relay for indication or control purposes. A special circuit is used to ignore product build-up between the sensing probe (active element) and guard, and also between the guard and vessel wall.
OptioLaser S300 Liquid Lasers are user configurable, allowing optimal performance of your specific application. Using an infrared, low-gain GaAs laser diode, light energy of 905 nm. travels to the surface of any liquid and is reflected back. This time-off-light (the time the laser pulse took to travel to the liquid and back) is then calculated into a distance.The low-gain diode allows for accurate measurement of even highly reflective, clear liquids- regardless of the dielectric properties. Narrow beam divergence of 3 milliradians (equal to 3ft at 1000 ft) allows for easy installation, even near walls or thru narrow passages.
Gladiator Doppler Microwave flow switch is used in process applications requiring highly reliable non-contact, nonintrusive product flow detection and movement. The system operates by sending out bursts of microwave energy toward the targetproduct being monitored. The target product will reflect some of the microwave energy back to the system where it is processed to determine if the product is flowing or moving. The system uses the Doppler principle to determine if the product is moving by monitoring small charges in the reflected signal frequency.When product flow is detected or stops the user set delay period begins and then the relay output is switched for alarm or control purposes.
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Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing Sultan Machinery Positioning System Sultan High Powered Acoustic Wave
Praetorian takes its name from the most elite guards of the Roman Empire, charged with protecting Praetors, Senators and Emperors alike. HAWK’s Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing system lives up to this name and are at the forefront of asset protection.Fiber Optic Sensing represents a pinnacle of current day sensor technology. This type of technology  allow for real time measurements of long assets such as pipelines, conveyers and fences by monitoring changes that occur in a fiber optic cable affixed to the asset.Rather than a traditional point instrument, Praetorian’s sensing is distributed along the fiber thereby the entire cable is able to sense disturbances to the application.
The SULTAN Positioning System is generally mounted on moving machinery. It emits a high powered acoustic wave transmit pulse between two points. The pulse is detected by a Slave transducer mounted on a fixed position which immediately emits a pulse back to the Master on the moving machinery. The Master transmitter calculates transit times and provides a 4-20mA output proportional to the position of the moving machinery in relation to the Slaves fixed position. There is NO wiring requirement between the Master and Slave transducers, which allows for easy retro fit to existing shuttle conveyors, cranes, stackers, reclaimers, etc. Dust, background noise, wet atmosphere, high winds can be compensated for by proper selection of operating frequency of the transducer e.g. use lower frequency transducers where high dust, high wind conditions prevail.
The SULTAN 234 emits a high powered Acoustic Wave transmit pulse which is reflected from the surface of the material being measured. The reflected signal
is processed using specially developed software to enhance the correct signal and reject false or spurious echoes.The transmission of high powered Acoustic Waves ensures minimal losses through the environment where the sensor is located. Due to the high powered emitted pulse, any losses have far less effect than would be experienced by traditional ultrasonic devices.
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HawkLink Advanced Remote Communication CONNEX 3D Cloud Inventory Management Portal CONNEX 3D Wireless Cellular Process Monitor
HawkLink GSM/CDMA communication device allows any authorized computer with a standard modem & GosHawk software to dial in & calibrate, test or check performance of the connected Hawk product. The HawkLink device can be wired to the standard communication terminals of the Hawk products. Remote technical support and complete commissioning of equipment in applications via our GSM/CDMA module allows monitoring and adjustments of settings no matter what corner of the world.

The CONNEX 3D™ Tank Monitoring Online Portal capabilities are unlike anything on the market today. Monitor all of your tanks in one location. With CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal, you are able to easily view your tanks, battery levels, and network status. Receive alarms when your tank levels are too high or too low to avoid costly overflows. With our secure cloud portal, you are able to access your data anywhere in the world. HAWK offers multiple types of level technologies to accurately monitor your tank levels;  through the air radar, guided wave radar, or ultrasonic. A CONNEX 3D™ Wireless Monitor is required to access the CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal. 

HAWK introduces the patent pending CONNEX 3D Wireless Cellular Process Monitor. The industry’s first process cellular monitor that communicates to field and host devices via RS485 and transmit wirelessly through cellular data transmission to the CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal, a cloud based server. The CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal allows users to monitor multiple tanks in one place. Receive alarms when tank levels are too high or too low, check battery levels, network status and much more.