We supply and provide application support for industrial process instrumentation product sensors and control devices. We are a manufacture's representative for a core group of well established and technologically superior industrial process instrumentation products.
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Thayer Scale manufactures the highest quality products in the industry, providing a broad range of conveyor belt scales, weigh belt feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, volumetric feeders, material flow promotion, instrumentation, and power control assemblies. We provide accurate, “Built to Survive” weighing systems and material-handling solutions.Thayer Scale is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the continuous weighing industry. Founded in 1949, we provide engineered solutions for the food, energy and building products, and chemical and industrial industries. Our unyielding focus on product line specialization enables us to design and develop market-leading conveyor belt scales and gravimetric feeders.


Thayer Scale conveyor belt scales & conveyor weighing systems are designed for a range of accuracies which include high accuracy loading and unloading systems, custody transfer and NTEP-approved versions (0.10% – 0.125%), inventory control and processing needs (0.25% – 0.5%), and various stone and aggregate applications (0.5% to 1%). Customers in fertilizer, mining, ore, copper, and coal industries utilize our conveyor belt scales in severe applications and in some of the harshest manufacturing environments. Other industries such as pulp and paper and tobacco processing, use belt scales for light-loading applications. These examples illustrate how our standard designs can support a wide range of belt scale applications. Thayer offers special configurations with conveyor weighting, belt scales designed for light-scale loading of materials such as biomass, wood chips, saw dust, tobacco and MSW. Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 idler belt scales supporting belts from 14 to 96 (and over) inches wide.
Thayer Scale has the most comprehensive line of weigh belt feeders on the market today; they are the only vendor to offer inclined or declined weigh belts as part of our standard offering. Design belt feeders to handle a variety of materials (e.g., plastics, coal, metals, wood chips) and feed ranges (from 30 lbs/hour to 3,000 tons/hour). Belt widths for a weigh belt feeder range from 10 to 96 inches and belt lengths from 24 inches to over 60 feet. Customized solutions tailored to suppor automatic calibration, stringent sanitation requirements, inclined or declined conveyance, or hazardous locations. Precise operating accuracy between +/- 0.25 – 1.0 % of the flow, depending on the process conditions. A variety of finish options including enamel- or epoxy-based paints, and 304 or 316 stainless steel and standard designs incorporated into custom configurations to accommodate unique customer space constraints.
Thayer Scale, with over seventy years of experience, offers the broadest range of loss in weight feeder systems of any manufacturer. Each of its high-performing feeders provides precision-class accuracy and repeatability in demanding and strenuous process environments. All Thayer Scale feeders offer integrated material agitation zones, specialized auger designs and a wide range of proprietary feed algorithms to ensure reliable feeding of difficult materials. When paired with one of Thayer Scale’s rugged, counterbalanced platform or cable scales, the combination is a robust gravimetric feeding (gravimetric feeder) solution that integrates seamlessly into existing plant processes.
Thayer Scale manufactures a durable and long-lasting volumetric feeder specifically designed to feed difficult powders such as TiO2, talc and calcium carbonate, and to address the flooding and bridging problems posed by many other powders. A unique feeder trough that deaerates and confines powder at the initial fill cycle to prevent flooding. An independently-driven agitator that conditions the material and introduces it to the feed screw with a consistent density. Feeders that disassemble easily (tool-free) for thorough cleaning, eliminating contamination problems which often occur when changing materials. Heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel as a standard offering (316 stainless steel is also available). Customized screw lengths and special designs to facilitate operation over a wide operating range with both heavy- and light-density materials
Thayer Scale develops, designs, and manufactures the industry’s most powerful and accurate weigh feeding instrumentation. All of our instrumentation is dedicated to weigh feeding and tailored to our customers’ exacting needs. Thayer Scale’s proprietary algorithms provide functions such as disturbance limiting, positional transformation of the weight signal, output linearization, and other critical weighing functions. Thayer Scale continually draw upon our company’s seventy years of industry experience to develop innovative and flexible control features and belt routines. Our solutions serve our customers’ unique processing demands and improve their production requirements.
The Thayer Scale Bridge Breaker® flow aid ensures reliable discharge of materials that tend to bridge, cake, flush or otherwise obstruct free and consistent flow. The design solves one of the biggest problems encountered in highly automated process industries: the removal of bulk solids from storage bins or hoppers. Unlike competitive solutions, the Bridge Breaker flow aid shakes only the material contained within a vessel—it does not transmit vibrations to the vessel’s walls.Bridge Breaker flow aids operate with hard-to-handle materials such as titanium dioxide, clays, and pigments. The screen assemblies fit areas of up to ten square feet, depending on the type of material and bin configuration. While many Bridge Breaker flow aids can be mounted within a bin, only a few are needed—if placed at critical points— to successfully prevent bridging and arching.